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Artist Statement

How an homage to modern painter Rene Magritte turned into a series of over 30 sculptures. Including an homage to five other modern masters, four self portraits and one commission.

My work continues in the tradition of the objets d’art. I make my sculptures out of steel which gives me the ability to create lightness and airiness. I cut steel into various shapes and assemble the sculptures like a puzzle onto clay forms then I weld the pieces together. I use a grinder to continue to dig, shape and smooth the surface. The sculpture is completed once it is brushed and painted.

I had just completed a series of figures in contained spaces exploring themes of isolation and loneliness. I was left with an ear made of fired clay and that was when “Le Connu” an homage to Rene Magritte arrived in my studio. At a certain time in history the bowler hat was widely worn by all segments of society blurring social classes. I have appropriated this image as a symbol of conformity and anonymity.

Throughout the bowler hat series, I summoned the spirit of four other modern artists: Auguste Rodin, Georgia O’keeffe, Tamara de Lempicka and Alberto Giacometti.