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Destin Incognito H 214 cm x W 61 cm x D 52 cm

Welded Steel $12000 CAD

On Edge H 57 cm x W 23 cm x D 30 cm

Welded Steel and Stone. $2500 CAD Winner Best in Show and Winner First place Three Dimensional Artworks, September 2019. 38th Annual Arteast Juried Awards Exhibition, Ottawa. Winner of 3rd place. June 2019. Tuning In, 12th Annual Alumni Exhibition, St. Lawrence College, Brockville.

Entrain H 74 cm x W 56 cm x D 33 cm

Welded Steel, $3500 CAD

Lassitude H 77 cm x W 56 cm x D 32 cm

Welded Steel, $3500 CAD

Migraine H 12 cm x W 23 cm x D 29 cm

Welded steel, $1100 CAD Old rail nail found on side walk in front Art Gallery of Ontario during refurbishing of streetcar rails.

Espoir H 24 cm x W 19 x D 23 cm

Welded Steel, $1100 CAD

Tourment, Homage Alberto Giacometti, H 66 cm x W 41 cm x D 17 cm

Welded Steel, $3000 CAD

Determination, Homage Georgia O'Keeffe, H 40 cm x W 28 cm x D 14 cm

Welded Steel, $1500 CAD

Insouciance H 43 cm x W 32 cm x D 14 cm

Welded Steel, $1500 CAD

Gestation H 10 cm x W 13 cm x D 13 cm

Welded Steel, $600 CAD

Hope H 109 cm x W 122 cm x D 12 cm

Welded steel, $3500